Living Room

Living rooms are commonly viewed as a spacious area in the home for one to relax. We recommend warm, natural, cozy and relaxing colours such as warm white or any neutral colour such as beige, light grey or taupe.

Dining Room

To stimulate appetite, colours of the dining room should have an active, tasty, energetic and stimulating vibe to it. Some colours to consider are orange or turquoise tones.


Bedrooms should have a soft, calm and relaxing effect to help you rest well. Darker, off white colours work really well with bedrooms!

Kids Room

If there is any place that creativity should shine the brightest, it’s the kids’ room! Active, inspiring, creative and bright colours such as pink, blue, green or yellow are the way to go here.


As bathrooms are usually much smaller than other rooms in the home, clean, soft and bright colours should be considered as they help expand the concept of space so that you don’t feel confined. Of course, at the end of the day, these are just some general tips to help with choosing colours for each room. The possibilities are endless – feel free to unleash your creativity in your very own unique way!

Home Interior Painting Tips

Decorative Paint in Malaysia

Here are some interior painting tips in decorative coating paints and decorative paint Malaysia