Guide to Painting the Perfect Wall

A complete paint system is basically composed of three major components or layers: Primer/Sealer, Undercoat and Finishing Coat.

Primer or sealer is the first coat of a painting system. Ferrous metals and wood surfaces use primer, while cementitious surfaces such as concrete or plaster use sealers. This first layer is required to enhance adhesion, prevent absorption of subsequent coats, as well as to prevent corrosion on metals where applicable. KCC sealers or primers can be found here.

The undercoat is the intermediate coat between the primer/sealer and the finishing, aimed to increase coverage and add firmness to the total paint system. In addition, it also promotes better adhesion.

Lastly, the final coat is called a finishing coat. Besides being the frontline in protecting the surface from adverse environmental conditions, it also serves as a decorative layer, providing colour or gloss to the surface. Feel free to browse through some of our products here to see what works best for you!

In order to achieve the best results, all three coats are essential and the surface to be painted should be clean and dry.

Now you can begin your journey to a better looking home!

Guide to Painting the Perfect Wall

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