Rejuvenate your home with KCC Paint 2019 Colour Trends

Now is the time where many are considering spicing up or changing the look of their homes to usher in a new year. Giving your walls a fresh coat of paint is a great way to start. Although it can be a daunting task, picking the right type of paint and colour for your home interior and exterior are imperative to achieving the best outcome for a pleasant-looking home. Considering home is one of the places where one spends a significant amount of time in, it is essential to ensure that the environment is conducive to our personal wellbeing. Colours affect how we feel, which is why choosing the right colours for our home is essential. Social trends have led the encouragement of self-expression, so if you are someone looking to express yourself via a touch of bold creativity, vivid hues such as KCC’s Crimson Red, Powder Yellow or Falling Comet are great colours to liven up your home. If you value balance and view the home as a place of pure solitude and serenity, away from the increasingly fast-moving pace of society, neutral colours such as Concrete Grey, Clean Seal or Hunter Brown are perfect and soothing after a long day.

Last but not least, bring the colours of nature into your home with earthy tones such as Solid Earth, Auburn Mountain or Deep Jade. These colours are suitable for those looking to reconnect with their loved ones.

KCC Paint Malaysia recently launched its new flagship premium range – Weatherforce for the home exterior and Aurora for the interior. Consisting of two key products, Weatherforce and Weatherforce Extreme, the all-new premium exterior range provides six and 12 years protection respectively, with an advanced formulation that minimises dirt collection on walls. Ultra-violet (UV) resistant colour pigments are added to prevent fading and keep homes looking vibrant all year round, with heat reflective properties that help reduce overall temperature in our scorching tropical weather.

On the other hand, Aurora Matt and Aurora Sheen are anti-bacterial interior paints with added easy clean properties to provide home owners with a safe and clean home environment. Made in Malaysia with research and technology from the company’s headquarters in South Korea, KCC’s Weatherforce and Aurora paints are water-based and certified with Sirim Eco-Label. Established since 1997 and initially focused on heavy duty coatings, KCC Paint Malaysia later ventured into the decorative paint segment to better meet the market’s needs.

“KCC is a Korean brand with its headquarters and Central Research Institute in South Korea, which houses numerous scientists who conduct regular research and development for KCC Paint,” said KCC Paint Malaysia’s Corporate Planning & Business Strategies manager Justin Tan.

“Over the past 20 years, we have significantly improved the formulations from our existing range of products, adopting new research and technology to offer even greater products out into the market.”

“Although the paint technology originates from South Korea, our local teams still conduct research in order to produce paint that is best suited for the Malaysian weather,” he added. KCC Paint’s Weatherforce and Aurora are currently available at over 600 authorised dealers nationwide.

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