Paint protection of up to 12 years

CHOOSING home furnishing products is always exciting to create a dreamy, comfortable and functional home. Interior aside, the exterior of the house is equally important in creating a welcoming home. KCC Paint’s latest premium exterior range called Weatherforce is now available in the market with an extensive range of 160 colours for selection.

Consisting of two products – Weatherforce and Weatherforce Extreme colours include Champagne Pink, Warm Beach, Toasted Rosewood and Blue Robin, available to suit the different preferences of homeowners.

The all-new Weatherforce range provides up to 12 years of protection, featuring a wide selection of UV-protected colours, excellent dirt resistance and temperature reduction. “Fade-resistant colour pigments and UV absorbers in the formulation enhances weathering properties and reduce paint degradation, keeping colours true and vibrant.

“Dirt-resistant technology also minimises the collection of dirt and allows the paint surface to be washed away with ease, providing a cleaner-looking home,” said KCC Paints Sdn Bhd marketing head Justin Tan. He added that heat-reflective properties in the paint reduce temperature while a performance of up to 12 years will ensure homes remain beautiful and valuable.